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 A resource dedicated to silver rings that any silver jewelry lover should not miss. The sharp rise in demand for 925 silver rings is being speared by, experienced jewelry buyers who appreciate true quality. It is no longer the low priced or low quality gems that are picked for sterling silver rings, high end gems like rubies and sapphires can today be seen showcased in finely crafted silver rings. And when you talk about rings with a classic and antique touch, it is silver that works to enhance the timeless element in the jewels.

Kaisilver is committed to provide high end custom jewelry in both gold and sterling silver. We hand picked the finest talent from Thailand in terms of artisans, craftsmen and gem cutters. The same team works on silver and gold jewelry orders guided by high quality standards. There is no limitation on gem selection and the design can be yours or ours. Get in touch with our team of experts at and discuss your requirements and queries with them. 

Silver Rings Review: The classic beauty of 925 silver rings is timeless, Kaisilver provides good craftsmanship, design and an unlimited choice of gems for both gold and silver jewelry ... more. Antique Rings: The timeless appeal of sterling silver makes the metal very suitable for rings with antique styles and concepts. Review an awesome antique 925 sterling silver ring ... more.
Tanzanite Silver Rings: With the increased demand for 925 silver tanzanite gemstone rings, it is important to understand the right way to clean and polish these tanzanite  jewels ... more. Custom Silver Rings: The best way to get the silver ring of your liking is to choose the custom jewelry option. Your design, gemstone, dimensions and quality of workmanship ... more.



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