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Cleaning And Caring For 925 Silver Rings With Tanzanite Gems


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The trend until a few years ago was for silver rings to be crafted with low grade gems and even, man made stones that imitated their natural counterparts. Buyers wanted cheap prices and did not care if this came with substantial compromises on quality related features. The market for gems and jewelry has gone through some revolutionary changes and one of these, relates to the demand for quality in 925 sterling silver rings. As buyers expect quality in terms of craftsmanship, design features and gems, jewelers are widening the scope of gems that are ''suitable' for 925 silver rings. While Kaisilver has always been the preferred source for high end custom rings in gold and silver set with gems like, topaz, tourmalines, aquamarine, ruby and sapphire - it is the growing popularity of 925 silver tanzanite gemstone rings that has impressed us.

Buyers are today making a serious effort to learn about various gem options. They have come to appreciate the specific characteristics of each gemstone. Every 925 silver tanzanite ring will have an intriguing story to narrate and the gemstone, will be the star of the story. Tanzanite unlike many other gems like ruby, sapphire, emerald and diamonds, is not many centuries old - it was brought to light recently in the year 1967. One of the main reasons for this delay in finding tanzanite is the fact that, the gem is very rare and found in only one small strip of land on earth. A patch of land on the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania is where, all the gem quality tanzanite comes from. With experts agreeing that tanzanite is rarer than diamonds, a tanzanite silver ring boasts of a gem that is indeed very rare. The unique 'single source' tag attached to tanzanite further enhances the desirability of the gem. Complementing all this is the scintillating violet-blue color of fine tanzanite, beauty that is enough to begin a serious love affair at first sight.

With the exciting backdrop explained  above, let's not talk about how to care for and clean a tanzanite 925 sterling silver ring. Something specific to tanzanite silver rings is the tarnish factory, all silver jewelry will tarnish over time. The idea that plating your sterlingn silver tanzanite ring will prevent tarnish, is only partially right. The truth is that no plating on silver lasts forever and when the plating does wear off, it will happen in streaks and patches. Our suggestion would be to leave the ring un-plated as, cleaning and polishing will be much easier to handle. First to handle the tarnish on silver tanzanite rings, we need to polish the jewel to take away the discoloration that is caused by tarnish. The most important thing is to do the cleaning promptly, tarnish left too long can become dark and stubborn - this might then require professional expertise to be cleaned. To polish your silver ring, use any recommended silver jewelry grade polish lotion, spray or fabric. Follow the instructions provided with the polishing medium and try your best, to avoid touching the tanzanite gem with the polishing medium. Once this task is complete, you will need to perform the process explained in the subseqeunt paragraph.

There are a few simple suggestions that we have for all types of jewelry, follow them irrespective of the metal or gemstones that are set in the jewels. Keep your jewelry including tanzanite rings away from situations that can cause them, to be hit by physical impact. So take of your jewelry when doing things like repairing the car, mowing the lawn, exercising, painting the fence etc. Another good practice is to keep jewelry away from strong chemicals, solvents or acids. Strong heat or sudden changes in temperature can also affect certain gems. Tanzanite like many other gems should not be cleaned in ultrasonic cleaners, keep this in mind. When you plan to use a particular strategy to look after your jewels, do not focus on a single gem when it comes to multi gemstone jewelry. For example, your 925 silver tanzanite ring can be safely soaked in clean water but, if the jewel has an opal  inlay work done on it - the water soaking can cause the opal material to come off the ring. Discuss such issues with your jeweler before, making the purchase. 

Irrespective of whether you do the polish process detailed in the previous paragraph, it is a good idea to wash and clean your tanzanite 925 silver ring once in a while. Heat, strong solvents, chemicals or detergents and ultrasonic cleaners should not be used to clean tanzanite jewelry. From our experience, an occasional wipe with a soft, clean and moist cloth eliminates or drastically reduces tarnish formation on silver jewelry. A few items are all that you should need to clean your tanzanite sterling silver ring, should things get more complicated - seek the services of a professional jeweler. A bowl of clean water at room temperature, a soft brush, a clean and dry piece of soft cloth and a few drops of mild liquid soap are things that you will need. Add a few drops of mild soap to the water in the bowl and gently place the tanzanite ring in the bowl, do not let the jewel strike the bowl hard. Leave the ring for a few minutes and then pick it up, use the brush to gently release any dust or grime that might have accumulated below the gemstone. In the final step, you will need to thoroughly rinse the tanzanite ring under running water at room temperature. This helps take off any residue from the polishing (previous paragraph) or cleaning operation, that might remain stuck to the gem or metal.

Here is a very constructive piece of advice related to cleaning tanzanite rings. Once you have completed the polish, clean and rinse operations, you would obviously want to wear the ring again and in this haste might look for a fast way to dry the jewel. We recommend no bowlers or heaters be used to dry yout washed silver tanzanite ring, you should allow the ring to dry out on its own. The best way to do this would be a safe spot where the ring is left on a piece of soft and clean cloth. You do not want to keep the ring in a place where it can be picked up by anyone, you surely don't want to store it in a place where it can be forgotten or misplaced. When it is time to keep your tanzanite ring safely away, use a jewel storage box that provides separate padded compartments for each jewel. It is never a good idea to keep jewelry bundled together as the pieces, can end up scratching or damaging each other.


Kaisilver: As the leading online high end custom made jewelry provider, we craft all types of jewelry in gold or 925 silver with gems of your choice. We provide the same attention to detail and fine workmanship for gold and sterling silver jewelry. More than 7,000 jewelry lovers spread across the globe rely on us for all their gem and jewelry requirements. You can choose the design for your jewels from our website or, send us your own ideas and sketches to be custom made. You can always email our support experts at sales@kaisilver.com for any requirements or queries related to gems and jewelry. We will be glad to offer you our expert advice even if, you do not plan to make any purchase from us.


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